Do you need help with terms of trade, commercial agreements or representation in a dispute with a client, supplier, or employee? If you’re in business and have a matter that needs an effective legal solution, we can help.

Loans to Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

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Under Section 67 (4A) of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cth), it is now possible for trustees of super funds to borrow for the purchase of assets, using an entity that acts as “custodian”.

For more information on documenting such arrangements please contact LEGAL SUCCESS.

Understanding Business “Vehicles”

There are many types of business “vehicles” (such as partnerships, proprietary companies and unit trusts) used for establishing, developing and managing businesses.  Sometimes, even sole traders operate with trusts or in partnership or under licence arrangements with other businesses (e.g. suppliers or wholesale customers).

For advice on which business structure suits you and how to document these relationships please contact LEGAL SUCCESS.

Your Business’ Trading Terms

Legal Success has extensive experience in advising companies on the terms of their standard supply/service contracts for goods or services across all manner of industries (including mining infrastructure, staff training, management, transport, earthworks, equipment/vehicle hiring and so on).

Having properly-drafted standard trading terms can save you a lot of stress and save your business a great deal in legal costs.

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Shareholders Agreements

It is important that people who go into business together using a proprietary company have a properly drafted Shareholders Agreement setting out the rules for their relationship and how to resolve problems.  Such agreements can save an enormous amount in legal costs when disagreements occur.

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Franchises, Licensing Agreements etc.

Many businesses operate under or incorporate arrangements in their business structure that allow them to, say, sell other people’s products or to use another company’s premises for storage of goods or use another person’s land for extracting a product (e.g. sand or gravel).   It is essential that such agreements be properly drafted.

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Debt Collection from Companies/Individuals

There are many tricks and strategies used by lawyers to enhance the prospects of quickly recovering debts from delinquent debtors.  If you have such a problem, contact Legal Success for further advice.

Purchase/Sale of Businesses

If you have in mind to purchase or sell a business you should not proceed without getting legal advice.  This is an area in which Legal Success has extensive experience.

Trusts, Leases, Loans etc.

Legal Success has many years’ experience in drafting trusts, leases, loans and a whole range of other documents required daily by businesses and investors.

If you are considering such an arrangement, please contact LEGAL SUCCESS for further advice.

Employment Contracts/Management Agreements

The law pertaining to employing managers, consultants and employees, and in relation to the termination of their services and protection of your client base, is complex.  You should have in place detailed and tailor-made agreements to suit your particular business or industry.

Legal Success has assisted many businesses with such agreements.